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The San Juan Hot Shop & Flavor Emporium
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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Simple Christmas Ideas

Happy Post Thanksgiving Everyone, 

We have to share this wonderful picture of Deco (pronounced dee koh) from Kurt and Peggy Long who live on Brown Island and are frequent friends who visit the shop.  Occasionally they allow us to "doggie sit" while they run to the market and Deco is such a great dog we had to share this.  This was after a long day of shopping and a boat ride home.  We love Deco!

Home At Last!

Hopefully by now the turkey and stuffing has settled as we're getting back into daily life. This weekend at the shop was full of wonderful happy customers who were kind enough to stop in and taste some of our treats. We have Ghost Fudge (Yep, Genie's mother's dark fudge recipe but I've added a twist with the Ghost Pepper in it) and lots of new sauces in the shop. We got the Christmas decorations up and are now on to Christmas. We have had a lot of interest in our Custom Label program which allows you to put your own custom picture on a label and the caption of your choice. 1 label at a time or by the case (case discounts available on 12 or more bottles).  We work with you via e-mail to get the perfect label and we can offer approx. 15 different sauces of all heat levels. From very mild to extremely wild. It's lot of fun. We even have a couple of customers who are putting their family picture on a custom label and combining their Christmas Card as their present sent out to their friends and family. Inexpensive and personalized. And don't forget about the Hot Sauce of the Month Club. Each month you get 2  premium sauces (or we sometimes include a rub or seasoning) and recipe ideas. You also get signed up to receive our quarterly newsletter full of info. from the island, recipe ideas, health benefits and other info. we think our Chiliheads might be interested in. All prices include shipping anywhere in the United States. Check out the website at for details. We can even include a special holiday flyer in the box for whatever occasion it may be. Christmas, birthday, anniversary, reunion or whatever! 

As we move into the hectic gift buying, errand running, Christmas card writing, cooking, office parties, family gatherings, gift wrapping, cookie baking, crazy time of year, please take time to slow down and make sure the ones you love the most know it.   One of the things we miss the most is having the kids in the house, sharing our daily happenings and the dinner table and watching our favorite holiday movies together snuggled by the fire. Although our family has grown with 5 kids and 7 grandkids, this is the time of year when we all cannot get together under one roof to share the joys of their company.  If you are lucky enough to have your family close, cherish it. 

Wishing you all a joyous and healthy holiday season and we look forward to seeing some of our favorite Chiliheads in the shop this holiday season.

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