The San Juan Hot Shop & Flavor Emporium

The San Juan Hot Shop & Flavor Emporium
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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Ahhh Summer finally has arrived

Greetings All,

Sorry it's been a while since we last posted anything but we've been busy bringing in all sorts of new products which means we've been doing a lot of research on products.  A couple of new items of note are Frog Balls, which is a pickled spiced brussel sprout which is FANTASTIC in a bloody mary or anything you would use pickled artichokes in.  Great on a pastrami sandwich too! The Toad Sweat products are also back in stock with some new flavors added. These are fantastic dessert sauces which are very sweet and have an intersting kick of flavors.  There is Lemon Vanilla, Chocolate Orange, Key Lime and Cranberry. Great for mixing in a Margarita or even drizzled over a good quality vanilla bean ice cream. Yow!
We hope as the weather gets better you will plan a trip
to the island to visit. We love seeing our favorite chiliheads
and meeting new ones as well.  The J,K and L Orca pods
are back and showing off their new babies and the seal pup
season has started. Baby animals are so cute!
Well that's all for now, Ed's gotta get back to what he does
best and that's slingin' sauce. We have so much fun and
we hope you will plan a trip to see us soon!

Eddie & Genie